Friday, January 30, 2009

Treasure Coast Film Fest Screening Day One

Jan. 29, 2009

My flight was delayed so they threw me on an earlier one that I pelted to just in time. Then I was told I had too much luggage and had to consolidate, smashing the contents of my purse into the pockets of my coat and stowing my purse in my roll-on and tersely passing inspection (sigh). I am now seated in between two of the burliest - armed, military-haircutted, guys in the world who are (probably inadvertent) seat-armrest hogs- I literally have nowhere to put my arms gaaaak also have about 7 babies and two pets on board help help help - just get me to Atlanta on time.

Jan. 30, 2009 Treasure Coast Film Festival, Screening Day.

10:30 am:

So here I am in Port Saint Lucie, FL in the tropical rain. I traveled all day yesterday, leaving my house at 9:30 am and getting here to the damp Club Med at 2 a.m., but of course they didn’t have my reservation, so I got into my room at 2:30 a.m. and to sleep much later, up at 9:30 to try to make it to breakfast at 10, at which I was not successful. Thank goodness for my stash of power bars and the free hotel apples!

There is no internet in the rooms alas, so I think it will be the joy of Phone Blogging. They say there is internet in the reception area, but that is a long hike with a computer for my fibromyalgic self. I have to do better with computer-rolling in future trips, this luggage is not really working out well without the kind sherpas I had last August☺

I checked in with the Festival Hospitality Suite and they gave me my badge and admission to tonight’s party, and they are driving me to my noon screening, picking me up at 11:30.

I am trying to resist going back to sleep as I have half an hour till that van comes, am back in my room listening to Elizabeth's horse whisperer music and propping my eyes open. I know I will be nodding for my 467th viewing of “Dark Horse”, tee hee.

So this is the tropical ocean. Looks kinda . . . grey. And monsoony. But at least I can turn off the loud A/C and just have the window open, as it is about 60 degrees in the rain.

Missing home, hoping for the best here; we are up for two awards, Best Picture and Best Cinematography. Ever hopeful!!!

12:30 pm in the daylit classroom-cum-screening room:

Waited till 11:30 when they told me to meet the van.

The promised van never came so I had to drive in the monsoon all over town half an hour to get to my noon screening which is not starting on time cause they can't figure out how to make the DVD player work for my audience of two :(

So far not loving Florida to be honest.

They just got the DVD player going, but they are playing the screener copy - for some reason they not only didn't get my hotel reservation, but they also did not get the clean non-screener copy we took such pain to overnight to them.

We are screening in a classroom with light streaming in from the windows. And the projectionist is in the back of the room "whispering" on her phone. And making what sounds like origami with loud rattlings of paper. And taking calls, on after the other, with very loud and long ringings preceding them. In the room while the movie is running. So it goes.

They asked my 2 audience members to be sure to fill out an audience award slip. Gag me. I so love screening at noon on a Friday.

I hurt. I want to cry.

7 p.m. Am in the only place with internet, the reception area. Just saw some Interesting movies. And the rain let up and there was a glorious sunset – and the best thing – they are screening the film again tomorrow at 4pm YAY. Hopefully I will get some votes.

Dinner was supposed to be at 6pm but I went over there at 6:30 and it was still closed, with about thirty people impatiently waiting outside. If I make it there it will be the first of my “free” meals I have been on time to consume*giggle*. There is a party tonight from 9-1 a.m. Hmm we will see how long I will last as I was nap-less today.

Still hopeful no matter how grunky I feel ☺ It has been more challenging before and resulted in awards, no guarantees, but every laurel helps.