Sunday, September 16, 2012

With Mom in Saint Joseph's Hospital

All is well for now from Saint Joe's in Bellingham. Mom had a mini- stroke early yesterday morning. Teresa did just the right thing and called the EMTs, who medivac-d Mom from Orcas to Bellingham, as I was simultaneously driving northward for an hour and a half to meet her in the E.R. She has had a moderately high heart rate, and is on 4 liters of O2. Has negative CAT scan and X-rays. Doctor Kim, her ER doc, offered her a carotid ultrasound or an MRI; she declined, as he said they would probably not tell us more. She is stable and lucid, feisty and clear as a bell, and there have been no other strokes here. Dr. Kim thinks she can go home tomorrow. I am flared up from sleeping on the Horrific Torture Couch of Hell here, and about to go mad from the fact that I can't have any sleep, they really do come in for some reason every five or ten minutes and they all shout. I spent nearly two weeks in Swedish Hospital with Mom in April, and two weeks two years ago, and did fine, but then again I had cots with some sort of back support. I may not make it another night here, I am in so much pain, and so sleep-deprived that I am near tears. I may have to go to a hotel at least while she sleeps. I hate leaving her but...yeah... It has been a very tough summer, with being fired two times, publicly and embarrassingly, and the other struggles that we have had. I am very low. Trusting that God can pull us back out of this tunnel, as is God's wont. I miss normal, or what passes for it in our crazy life. Terry is in three plays back to back until February. I have no job prospects, and a beautiful movie that has not sold. Yeah.