Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rainy Easter

There was much rain, and yet there was much rejoicing . . .

Sunday, April 5, 2009


An Almost Perfect Day

To day we went to the park and Theo showed us where the Coho Salmon fry that his class raised are acclimating to their stream before being released.

Then Terry and Theo and I spent the evening at our local medieval banquet . . . such fun!

Would have been perfect if Tallis had been there - but he spent the day with his girlfriend, and their posse, as they will be tragically separated all week while T & T2 tour colleges :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reel Festival for Women, L.A.

Just got back from a wonderful 24 hours in L.A., screening "The Dark Horse" at the Reel Film Festival for Women, and meeting with dear friends and colleagues. The screening went well, though there were only 8 people in the audience, 5 of which were my friends *giggle*. Always nice to see it on a big screen in HD, although the projector was not perfectly-calibrated and it looked a hair pale and dark . . . fabulous speakers in the theater though, really nice sound. And I have to say that I always enjoy watching my movie. Even as many times as I have seen it.

Had lunch on the Warner Brothers studio lot (*deep sigh of glee*) with my dear friend Sean Gaffney, and met some of his friends and colleagues there, one of whom has a really great script that I read twice on the plane home. Great. Now I have FIVE potential exciting scripts to try to get to direct. *facepalm*

Had a great breakfast with my DG buddy Don Early. Man I love all my DG friends, Don included. What a bright and entertaining and encouraging person to eat oatmeal with and discuss, among other things, my "Too Many Possible Projects" dilemma.

Met with Gary Stratton, new director of Act One: Writing for Hollywood (my first screenwriting school), and had a lovely dinner with him, and his lovely wife, and two of his almost-impossibly attractive children. And then they cam to the screening yay!

And I saw my bud Greg Zymet, director of that amazing short "Apartment 206" that screened in L.A. with my short "Dancing With You" a few years back. He is planning a riding trip in a week and I was able to give him some Centered Riding advice:) He and his charming wife and I had a "Second Breakfast" sort of after-screening meal in a bar near the theater.

What a fabulous trip! And I got to stay in the quietly-lovely "Luxe Hotel" on Rodeo Drive, due to the special filmmaker rate. I would never in a million years go there otherwise, couldn't afford to. Oh if only I could have stayed for more nights! But Terry is in a showcase and I had to fly home to be there for Theo while he is at rehearsal.

Was kind of tough coming home to the Seattle deluge after a lovely 70 degree afternoon in L.A . . . I do envy them their winter weather, that is like our summer weather. When I left Seattle yesterday morning, the air was liquid with hail and water, and I came home to much the same thing. Sigh. Yeah, but our . . . trees . . . are greener . . .