Friday, November 5, 2010

Hitting the fan

We have major issues right now, with two locations and with one actor, and I went to bed near tears and woke up whiffly and wobbly. I am toxic-ed and hurting and fighting the physical and spiritual dragons. If only I had my horse and lance and armor here in Spokane!

During JourneyQuest, and during every other show I have done in Seattle, I came home to Terry almost every night, and so I was stronger. I feel a bit exposed here, despite the joy of seeing my dream made reality, despite the INCREDIBLE crew that I already adore, and the perfect cast straight from God.

Terry just said to me on the phone that I am the strongest person he knows and that I can do this. I love him so much.

I guess this is like the dress rehearsal that goes very very wrong to make a great opening night . . . right?

Clinging to Madeleine's words that nobody in the Bible was qualified to do the job God called them to . . .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pre-Pro is Really Heating UP!

We have made offers to most of our cast now, and have been waiting literally weeks for the principals to have their agents hash out things to the point where we can sign things. I am really trying not to bite my fingernails totally to the bone but it is very difficult. I want them to sign NOW!!!!

Sigh. We begin filming this show in ten days.

Had a beautiful rainy weekend with my family - JourneyQuest screening at StrowlerNights and a great Hallow'een dinner with Mom at her house while Thee was walking that block, then Theo and Pam did the Nolte block while Terry drove me to the airport. I am getting to know the Spokane airport very well.

Theo wore Tallis' armor and was a Knight. Sniff. Really fun to see it recycled.

Now my awesome DP, Mike Vukas, and I have finished our Shot List, and I have finished my Featured Extras casting, and I need still to finish my Blue Pages for the script and lock the Script Days and meet with the department heads and finalize the music and choreography and look of the jazz club hopefully today . . . just another day in the Production Office . . .

Meanwhile Tony and Kat, next door, are trying to figure out how the heck they are moving the second half of our shoot over one day to accommodate one of our actors' schedules . . . La dee dah . . .

And so it goes.

I am on the cut-off and lonely side of things emotionally - really miss my guys.