Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Well it's finally all ready for you to get your eager film-lovin' hands on, friends! You now can pre-order your very own copy of "Camilla Dickinson" on, and have all the juicy exclusive extras that we packed the DvD with! *sounds of joyful cheering* (
) (
) We are understandably very, very, very happy. (
) You help us, perhaps more than you can possibly imagine, by pre-ordering one, and even MORE so by reviewing it loudly on any platform you wish, and even MORE so by asking your friends to post about it, review it, and maybe get a DvD themselves:) We who create content salute you, generous loving audience, for supportively helping us to create more. (
) Now we are working very hard on: hopefully and prayerfully getting "West of Redemption" to a wonderful distributor like we have for Camilla, while beginning work on Movies 4 and 5! Stay tuned for more updates, we hope to have some very exciting news soon.