Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Submission Two: Palm Springs

Our second submission, to Palm Springs, is sent, and that feels good. We screened five minutes of "Camilla Dickinson" last night at the Women in Film meeting and there were audible gasps *happy grin*. Bless Sue Corcoran for asking me to be on the panel, it was a great evening of stories.

Larry and I continue to plan more test screenings for "Camilla Dickinson".

I am partway through casting for my dear friend Jeremy's short "While You Weren't Looking."

I am also working on a screenplay of mine that needs another polish.

Also I am getting back to work again with my editor friend Nathan Singleton on my documentary "Hairstory".

I am over at my Mom's house for work hours most days now. Today we are sorting seeds for her Seed Exchange.

Life is quieter but that is fine right now!