Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Upcoming Screenings

The Dark Horse has upcoming screenings! L.A. and Florida.

Reel Festival for Women ( Tuesday March 31st, 7:30PM

Sunscreen Film Festival (, Friday April 30th, 1pm, Sunday May 3rd, 12:45pm

I kind of love the name of the "Sunscreen Film Festival". And will bring my big hat of course.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Feature Drama!

We won! Best Feature Drama at the International Family Film Festival! With some incredibly tough competition; some really amazing films, including one with Vanessa Redgrave in it *boggle*.

*extreme look of glee*

I screened "Dancing With You" here four years ago. I love this festival, loved it before, really love it now! And who handed me the gorgeous award that contains actual footage of "Wonder Woman" put there by the incredible Patte Dee McKee? None other than Dee Wallace! Who is a board member, and I gather a co-founder of the festival here (now in its 14th year). And whom I had the deep honor and privilege of working with on "Expiration Date"!

Such unutterable happiness. And to have buddies with me here, both Ben Dobyns and Haynes Brooke were with me, oh glee (I am usually so lonely at these festivals all by myself). And Matt and Camille Vancil, Don and Cindy Early, Ben and I all had dinner last night near Matt and Camille's charming new apartment.

And famous writer and Act One (and Act Two buddy) Cheryl McKay actually came to our screening on Thursday when I was trying to figure out how to reverse directions and come south to this festival and not east; I was scheduled to go to Florida until it became clear that California was the state to choose when faced with two concurrent festivals.

Oh thank God, thank God . . . *happy dance*

And we have actually spoken to several folks connected to distributors who actually asked to see a screener of the film. It probably means nothing, but of course I am praying that it means something. *fingers very very crossed.*

Must go to bed, fly home tomorrow.