Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mounted Archery

Tilting at the quintain in Starkhafn Blue and red barding, as their Champion:)

Had a blast in the Celtic Tourney (I am yelling in Welsh there), in which one got extra points for bareback.

I also had the privilege of winning the mounted archery competition, and the prize was a lovely mini-chamfron:)

Charging the Hay Bale Castle at Great Western War, Fist Raised

I was yelling the war cry of the Barony of Starkhafn, with whom I am delighted to find myself proudly associated as their Equestrian Champion, as of Thursday. *grin*

More fun than breathing.

In the "Castle" were about forty armored and clanking knights, and following the cavalry were the foot soldiers. Ah how I love the SCA!