Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Week of Post ... I Think... Maybe...

In the sound mix today at Bad Animals. A very intense last week with Larry and me needing to be in three studios at the same time. I was completely and joyfully satisfied with the music in every way, I just love it. I loved watching B.C. record the music with members of the Seattle Symphony, and then mixing it. Very very happy with all things involving music. There are other things that are completely upsetting and worrisome, that I can't talk about. But let us just say that I swallow hard many times a day to avoid letting my emotions show. Larry is kind of holding me together now and then.

He keeps saying "this is the FESTIVAL submission." Implying that there will be another chance. Well, but will there be any more money for another chance past Friday?

Yet undetermined. I am sweating bullets and not sleeping much. Eating too much like I do in stressful times. Tender at home and susceptible to any...irritations, let us say.

Saturday morning I bopped over to PAX to watch the "JourneyQuest" screening and then zipped back to the studio, courtesy of Larry-the-occasional-taxi-driver.

Color correcting, doing ADR, mixing sound, and praying constantly not to blow it on what may be my last chance at this after so many years. Looking up at the actors on the screens in the studios with grateful love. Thanking God to have Larry here beside me, who is doing his level best to calm me the HECK down several times a day. And to have so many artists doing such fine work at Modern Digital, Bad Animals, and Studio X.

Quote from the New Zealand Prayer Book: "Lord, it is night after a long day. What has been done has been done. What has not been done has not been done. Let it be."

Wise words. So hard to live into. Doing my best.

Dear God, thank you for this opportunity. Please help me not to blow it. Thank you for sending your angels to save us from bad mistakes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We didn't get in.

They did not write or call of course; my wonderful First A.D. said "check the website" finally today.

So . . . setting our sites for Sundance *enormous gulp* where they like the movies very "edgy" . . .

Tough day. Off to L.A. in an hour to go do ADR with three of the actors. Will be there three days.

I know there is a plan . . .

Friday, August 5, 2011

Prayers for Completion

It's been many moons . . .

I am utterly buried in the endgame of "Camilla Dickinson: post-production, while also finishing up the "Dark Horse" deliverables, and, as of this writing, Ben and the ZOE/DG team are in Indianapolis selling lots of "JourneyQuest" DvDs at Gen Con:)

Lots going on!

I do believe that my great new editor Nathan Singleton and I finally finished the Making Of the Dark Horse featurettes today, which gives everyone a huge sigh of relief, as the distributor has been waiting for them. Larry and I just got back from L.A. where we did the ADR for Camilla's voiceovers (Adelaide Clemens knocked them out of the park) and met with B.C. Smith, our composer, for a spotting session (he is a genius!!), as well as having lunch with Sean Gaffney on the WB lot, always a great pleasure. Larry and I did a great many miles of sunny freeway driving, but playing the Talking Heads on the Ipod helped us to boogie.

Larry and I are going back down next week for the multi-cast-member looping session for several days of work.

I am also proofing the special effects shots that Modern Digital and North By Northwest are doing, and so far they look amazing thank God! And yesterday we were in the studio at Bad Animals mixing in the narration - Larry said he liked it very much. PHEW!

In addition there are many parties right now, as it is birthday season for our family and heartfriends: Mom and Aunt Jocey the 4th, Elizabeth the 6th, Theo's Happy Adoption Day the 7th, Sky the 9th, Terry the 11th, and me the 18th. Phew! Terry and Scott and Pam and I just got done with a remarkable Kindlingsfest with Dick Staub, Michael Card, Jerry Root, Jeff Keus, Karin Stephens, Eric Metaxis, and of course the usual other suspects Nigel Goodwin, Jeff Johnson, and a host of happy veterans.

I am on tenterhooks to hear from the Toronto International Film Festival - they were supposed to tell us today . . . that is why we are nearly killing ourselves trying to finish on time to be able to screen there in September. If they don't take us we wait and submit a completed movie in September to Sundance with many prayers.

I have not written because I have been buried at various studios in various towns, but I wanted to request your prayers and good thoughts please, as we are in the final push now, and it is very stressful and tense. If the timing is not exactly right in the interlacing of the work of the various studios we are kind of sunk. I am having the usual tiredness and etc., so .. yeah.

Larry Estes is a rock, a joy, and a constant and uplifting blessing to me. I could not ask for a better business partner. Please pray for his sanity because he has to work with me *grin*, also that he can figure out how to interweave his various lives - his "day job" as a college professor ostensibly begins soon . . .

It is a joy to see our dreams coming true. And it is costly as everything is. And there are challenges and things thrown up in the road before us. But I have faith, especially when Larry tells me to. Praying to make the movie that God wants, and that Madeleine would have wanted, as I have prayed for years. Praying to be worthy of the task.