Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mysterious Ways . . .

Just looked at pictures from the set of a film I auditioned for and did not get, and there were pictures of the actress the director chose for that role, and after a huge rush of jealousy I remembered that I had seen her in a play, and how good an actor she is, and was slightly mollified.

I have big fish to fry . . . maybe being an actor right now is not in the plan.

Have to try to figure out how to catch the fish first.

How on earth do we get in touch with these "Cattle on a Thousand Hills"?

Trusting. Which is rather . . . hard.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Leap of Faith

It's happening!

Now that we have a signed contract we are good to go.

And so we begin the actual pre-pre-production. For a long while it will be a very small team until we raise the funds to hire the actual crew. In my experience in Indy Film that is always the case.

The screenplay is slowly deepening and changing. I have been working on it, off and on, for many years. It is now, of course, my singular focus. It is a great privilege to try to inhabit the head of one of Madeleine's protagonists.

We hope to set the film in 1948 Manhattan, so we are researching locations that will be evocative of that time and place. On an independent film budget, it is likely that we will be using real old buildings rather than building sets, but we are looking into how best to tell the visual story.

Our researchers are finding a wealth of wonderful information about the time and place, and we are getting very excited looking at period pictures and drawings. Music will be a very important element of course, and we are talking to some enormously-gifted musical artists.

It is a very encouraging thing to realize how many people love this book. This is comforting when we realize the reality of raising money for a period piece in this economy.

Kairos Productions Signed Contract!

I am thrilled to announce that on July 6, 2009, (which happened to be the Feast of Saint Thomas More yay!) I signed the contract with Crosswicks, Ltd. to produce and direct a movie of her wonderful book "Camilla"!! I have been working on the script adaptation for years, and we are now going full speed ahead to begin to raise the funds for production.

If you have any spare prayers, we will gratefully accept them, as in this financial climate it is (to say the least) daunting, to raise that much money.

But I have to have faith that if it is meant to be, it will be, and I hope to cheer as the money arrives *smile*.

*takes leap of faith*

Here is a great link to a short online interview from Madeleine in '95 :)'Engle_3833.htm