Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthdays and Meteors

We have had a wonderful few days at Mom's island house celebrating Terry's birthday and the Perseid Meteor Shower; and beginning the gearing-up for my birthday (and the Nolte Anniversary) next week. Also in the mix; Mom's birthday, Theo's Happy Adoption Day, Sky's birthday, and Elizabeth's birthday. August is a lot about cake for us :) Well not for me but for many others, heh heh.

A couple of shots of celebrations. None of Terry's birthday as I was filming it. It is hard to remember to hand off the still camera to someone else *sheepish grin*.

And amid all the inevitable cooking and laundry and cleaning that goes with many beloved houseguests, I am womanfully trying to finish my SCRIPT. ARGH!!!! It is sadly considered rude to say, "So nice to see you, it's been a year, how are you, sorry have to go write . . ."