Friday, March 16, 2012

Lots of News!

I have been too busy on JourneyQuest Season Two lately to blog, so sorry! We are three days from finishing the shoot, but as we finished early today (thank you Ben and Tony and Kat and crew):

That is the link to the great article Christianity Today published about the film online:)

and my first film "The Dark Horse" is now available on!

If you feel like reviewing the movie I would appreciate it . . . the distributor has not marketed it well, they are marketing it as a "horse movie" and a "kid movie", neither of which it is. It is a sad but triumphant story of a family's healing (with a B Plot involving a horse). Consequently many people who rented it in "Red Box" all across the USA are justifiably not happy, as they expected a "horse movie". We are very very sad about this.