Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prepare the way of the Film!

Larry and I are happily preparing for the launch of our beloved movie "Camilla Dickinson" on August 25th! There are, of course, the 67 million (give or take) "deliverables" due to your distributor when a movie you have worked on for so many years is about to be released. But what a wonderful set of tasks. It is such an incredible blessing to be where we are this summer with Camilla, and with "West of Redemption". No matter how tough things get...and they have been...daunting lately of course...I have a very thankful heart. We hope and pray to reach lots of current, and future, Madeleine fans with this film :) We had a wonderful SIFF, premiering "West of Redemption". I hope to get pictures of that evening soon for the blog here. Till then, here is the amazing and talented Tony Becerra and me at the fun Women in Film "Northwest Connections" party:)

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