Monday, September 23, 2013

And... that's a wrap...

) Day 19 was long, cold, and eventually windy, rainy, and very hard on the actors and crew, though it made for some amazing photography. Thank goodness the end of the day, and the shoot, was indoors. The last sequences were some interstitial shots of Billy and Mariana, with Billy clean-shaven; in the "past". The very last shot was of Billy walking past a vaguely cross-shaped key-holder on the wall. I cried for the last five setups. Folks let me. It is SO tough for the shoot to be over. When you put something together for years...not-doing it suddenly is pretty tough. (
) I stayed for awhile, drifting around base camp taking pictures, then went up to the flood-lit house to watch the guys load equipment. T.J. was pitching right in helping - that's my D.P. I tweaked my ankle in the dark, walking over the cattle guard to make sure wrap was going ok. It hurts today, among other things. (
) I cried a little as I forced myself to leave the farm, eventually, and drive to the dive bar where the wrap party was. Even though I had stayed late wrapping, Mary and I were the first ones there. But then the party got going, and eventually, after a hard cider, I stopped mourning and begin to celebrate what we had done, along with everyone else. T.J. toasted everyone who had helped him with "his first feature". So sweet. (
) Now we start post-production. Okay, well, after I lie around doing nothing for a couple of days, resting my ankle and back, then get myself to Seattle. I am taking it very slowly today and icing a lot. (
) Post-partum? oh yeah. But...we DID IT. Thank God for every single member of the team. I love them all to pieces. Thank God for this movie. This crew was utterly amazing, few as they were. (
) I want to curl up on the couch at my Mom's house and tell her all about it...wish I could tesser...think I will call her, and Terry.

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